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BioGeometry Solution Levels

At BioGeometry at Wisdom House New York,Inc., we’ve made it simpler to incorporate BioGeometry into your everyday living. Here are four levels of solutions to match your needs and budget.

*Each product can be purchased individually. (Sorry, there is no substitute for product items within each kit.)

**Additional BioGeometry products are available for purchase individually. We can help you create a personalized kit.  Go our online store.


Level 1: Do It Yourself

On a budget? BioGeometry offers do-it-yourself tips to reduce your exposure to the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation.

More info coming soon!


Level 2: Personal EMF Protection

We offer two solution kits for personal electromagnetic protection. These jewelry items are ideal for those who are hypersensitive to cell phone and wireless radiation. Go to our online store for more info.


Level 3: Personal & Home EMF Protection

These solution kits offer both personal electromagnetic and home or work space protection. Level 3 offers optimum support for individuals with high electro-sensitivity, or for those who work in an environment with significant exposure. Go to our online store for more info.


Level 4: Take the BioGeometry Foundation Course

Come learn about the scientific principles of BioGeometry and how to implement the design principles into your everyday life. Go to BioGeometry for more info.