BioGeometry Quick Q & A List

General Information:

Q. What is BioGeometry?
A. BioGeometry is the patented science of using the energy principles of geometry to qualitatively balance biological energy systems and harmonize their interactions with the environment. BioGeometry was founded by Egyptian architect and scientist Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim (D.Sc./Dipl. Arch. – ETH, Zurich) in the 1970s, and now reflects more than 40 years of documented academic research.
Q. What can BioGeometry do for my family and me?
A. BioGeometry uses proprietary shapes that both replicate and amplify highly beneficial, natural energy qualities which nature itself uses to balance energy qualities. These shapes interact with the human body’s own surrounding energy fields, according to the natural laws of harmonics and resonance. The result is a profound qualitative balancing of the body’s energy system and the harmonization of its energy interactions with the environment. BioGeometry is not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment, but is long-term environmental support for the body’s energy system and all types of treatment. Under no circumstances should BioGeometry products replace professional medical treatment.
Q. Why do some products need to be placed on the clearing tray and some don’t?
A. Every physical material impregnates with environmental energies. BioGeometry shapes that are linear and open ended are highly resistant to impregnation. However when placed on a base the base impregnates.
Q. As used in BioGeometry, what does “impregnate” mean?
A. In the course of this energy exchange process with the body the metal base of the BioSignatures Product may get impregnated with qualities of energy that stop the energy balancing properties of the BioSignatures. The Clearing Tray clears any detrimental energy impregnation from the product. The General BioSignatures Product should be placed on it for one minute on each side daily.
Q. What is the difference between the L66 and L90?
A. The L66 is for electromagnetic protection. The L90 is for psychic protection.
Q. What is the difference between the IKUP and BG16 pendulums?
A. The BG 16 pendulum is directly calibrated to measure BG3 through the quality of the number 16 and is a BG emitter, thus it detects BG3 and sacred power spots without calibration. The IKUP is calibrated with geometric shapes that resonate with the planes of nature on which it is a receiver and emitter of BG3. The IKUP is our most efficient pendulum to be used an emitter to charge food and acupuncture points etc. and for advanced measuring and emitting on the higher planes.
Q. For what purpose would you use a BG 16 pendulum?
A. To quickly assess levels of BG3 in environments, architectural designs, and to test the effects of balancing interventions.
Q. For what purpose would you use an IKUP pendulum?
A Used as a pendulum or a necklace to put the BG3 emission into the wearer’s energy field, as well as for healing purposes and to make choices about what we eat and drink, based on what boosts our energy system and what does not.
Q. How do BioGeometry products protect me?
A. The BioSignatures products will harmonize the organ energy exchange function with t the environment and help balance the body organs’ energy quality. These products contain numerous BioSignatures that resonate with the energy patterns of the body organs and results in a general balance of the body’s energy field.
We also suggest wearing a special L shaped pendant (with a 66 degree angle), which gives general EMF protection, alongside the BioSignatures Pendant or Ring.
Furthermore we have an L shaped pendant with a 90-degree angle that will clear up and protect from negative psychic energy or negative emotional disturbances. For the home, we have a special home kit that will harmonize the negative effect of electromagnetic fields, as well as earth radiation in the home. We have the 1 cube home kit for an area 645 sq. or less and the 3 cube home kit for an area of 2153 sq. ft. or less and for electro sensitive persons.
We also have 66 degree L shaped stickers to put on computers, laptops and electrical appliances in order to harmonize and transmute the negative electrical energy of the appliances. BioGeometry is not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment, but a long-term environmental support for the body’s energy system and all types of treatment.
Q. What can I place on the energy balancing charging tray? How does it charge anything placed on it?
A. Medication/ food etc., the shape of the tray emits BG3 in its center and will charge anything placed in the center with BG3 (see insert on tray)



Personal Jewelry:

Q. What are BioSignatures?
A. BioSignatures are precisely constructed linear diagrams which have the same exact geometric configuration as specific vital energy patterns within the human body. They are similar to the Chinese peripheral energy meridians of the human body, but are related to the energy flow within the geometric configurations of the organs themselves. They play a major role in “forming” the organs’ energy functions. When introduced into the body’s surrounding energy fields, the BioSignatures are activated by the energy being channeled through them, similar to electricity activating the printed circuits on a computer chip. The activated BioSignatures then resonate with the corresponding energy patterns in the human body, causing a harmonic amplification that restores the correct energy flow and qualitative balance. BioSignatures clear subtle energy blockages and maintain proper flow as well as introduce the natural energy-balancing qualities.
Q. Can I give my old pendant to someone else?
A. No. A pendant that you’ve worn – even once – has been impregnated with your energy pattern. It’s not advisable to give it to someone else.


For Electronics:

Q. Which electrical appliances should get L stickers?
A. Appliances that have a flat surface, like: computer screens, modems, televisions, cable boxes, refrigerators, electric stoves, etc.
Q. How about appliances like hair dryers, lamps, toasters, radios, CD players, etc.?
A. Appliances that don’t have a flat surface should get an electric strip attached to the cord; or better yet, to a surge protector which would then serve every appliance plugged into the surge protector.
Q. What about telephones?
A. Cell phones should get the cell phone sticker. Home phones should get the L stickers.



For Home:

Q. If I get an L66 pendant or earrings or stickers do I still need a home kit and vice versa?
A. Yes, because the home kit harmonizes earth radiation, electromagnetic radiation, and weak radioactivity from building materials. It is focused on the environment, while the L66 protects the body on the vitality level from electromagnetic radiation. They are complimentary, especially because the L does not impregnate.
Q. What is the difference between the 1-cube home kit and 3-cube home kit?
A. (Info is on the insert.) In general we recommend the 3-cube set because of the Wi-Fi energy now in the environment.
Q. How should home kit cubes be placed?
A. Cube(s) should be placed on a white surface. Place it (them) on the cleaning plate for at least one minute every day, keep the area around the cube(s) empty, avoid placing in front of mirrors. If you have a 3-cube set, they should be placed at about the same height.
Q. What is the silent sound CD and how does it work?
A. Explanation and Instructions on CD
Q. What is the purpose of the electrical strips; how do they work; where do I put them?
A. Explanation and instructions found inside home kit
Q. Does it matter what I use to attach the strips?
A. Explanation and instructions found inside home kit



For Other Uses:

Q. How would I protect my car?
A. Put a L66 sticker under neath the steering wheel or on a wall inside the glove compartment.
Q. What about when traveling?
A. Use 1-cube in the hotel room. Place it next to the night stand on a white surface.
Q. In a workspace?
A. Use 1-cube. Please it on a white surface.